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PDF Files for Testimonials, Poster, History of ingredients on all Skinny Magic™ products and more...

Cardio-911 Ad that a Retail Store ran and ingredient information and flyerCardio-911_history_of_ingredients_and_flyer.pdf
1.0 MB

Skinny Magic testimonials with before & after pictures skinny_testimonials.pdf
1.3 MB

New & improved Skinny Magic history of ingredients Skinny_Magic_History_new_and_improved_8-30-13.pdf
353.3 KB

Skinny Magic Ultra history of ingredients History_Skinny_Magic_Ultra_History_-_Copy.pdf
496.2 KB

Zero Appetite history of ingredients Zero_Appetite_History_9-2-13.pdf
407.0 KB

Skinny Magic Cleanse history of ingredients Skinny_Magic_Cleanse_History.pdf
309.0 KB

Skinny Magic poster Skinny_Magic_Poster_APRIL.pdf
415.5 KB

Zero Appetite poster ZeroAppetite_Posters.pdf
1.2 MB

Skinny Magic Ultra poster SkinnyMagicULTRA_PostersFINAL.pdf
828.7 KB

Zero Appetite Magazine Zero_Appetite_magazine.pdf
1.9 MB

Skinny Magic and Skinny Magic Combo Flyer skinny_magic_and_ultra_combo_flyer.pdf
1.2 MB

Skinny Magic 30 count label skinny_magic_label_30_ct.pdf
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Zero Appetite 30 count label Zero_Appetite_Label_30_ct.pdf
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Flyer for all Skinny Magic products flyer_for_all_skinny_magic_producrs.pdf
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Skinny Magic MAP    MAP_Skinny_Magic_2015_pdf.pdf
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